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Shannon Warto

Music related inquiries: 

I’m available for recording opportunities, musical collaborations, weddings, private parties, concerts, and singing experiences. While distance may make the heart stronger, we all benefit from the power of song. During COVID and beyond, I offer both live (via zoom) and recorded birthday, anniversary, remembrance and other special songs for your friends, colleagues, children and distant family. What song would bring you closer or give your loved ones a smile? I love receiving suggestions and learning new songs that I can honor with my sound.

Author related inquiries: 

My Hurley stories have brought so much joy to kids of all ages, while also teaching life lessons. Get your signed copy today and pre-order the second Hurley book, scheduled for a Summer 2022 release. If you would like to join Hurley’s extended family, please send me a high-resolution photo and I would be delighted to add it to my website. 

I’m available for individual and group readings of Hurley the Hippo (via Zoom during COVID).